100% success - No snoring and no noisy breathing after one week.
(NB - this was an usually fast response - the average is 6-8 weeks)

100% improvement in only 6 weeks.

Very happy - I sleep well and I am more rested during the day. I have more energy which helped me loose weight.

This appliance saved my life. I had not felt well for more than 2 years.

Fantastic energy. My husband notices a big difference.

This is great. CPAP just did not do it for me.

I use this appliance when I travel. I do not have to take my CPAP with me now

The first night I did not wear it my girlfriend left the room and will not come back unless I wear it!

This works well for me. My legs do not twitch any more, the sheets stay put and it is easy to make the bed in the morning!

I passed the follow up sleep test with flying colours.