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Dr. Peter Edmison
2148 Carling Ave. Suite 203
Ottawa , Ontario, Canada
K2A 1H1
Tel:  613.820.9300

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)



American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)

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Sleep Disorder Clinics, Ottawa

Note: To be seen and tested at one of the following sleep clinics for sleep apnea you must have a referral from your family doctor.

Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus, Sleep Disorders Clinic
1053 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613.746.4636

Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, Sleep Disorders Clinic
501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613.722.7000

Montfort Hospital, Sleep Disorders Clinic
713 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613.746.4621

Queensway Carleton Hospital, Sleep Disorders Clinic
3045 Baseline Road
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613.721.2000

Royal Ottawa Hospital, Sleep Disorders Clinic
1145 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613.722.6521

West Ottawa Sleep Centre
B-1, 770 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613.722.9000



Phantom of the Night: Overcome Sleep Apnea and Snoring – Win Your Hidden Struggle to Breathe, Sleep and Live
By T. Johnston and J. Halberstadt
New Technology Publishing Inc.

Falling Asleep In The Middle Of Life
By Dr. Judith H. Leech
A.Y.D. Medical Services
79 Rideau Terrace
Ottawa , Ontario, Canada
K1M 2A2


Scientific Articles

Definition of an Effective Oral Appliance
Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine
March 22, 2013

A Review of Oral Appliances for Treatment of Sleep-Disordered Breathing
By Victor Hoffstein
Sleep and Breathing 2007  11  1-22


News/Recent Developments

High Altitude Sickness - 2013
For those who are interested in using an oral appliance to help deal with high altitude see the following:
International Society for Mountain Medicine, Jan. 15, 2010
Sleep Apnea May Complicate Diabetes Care

Nature Genetics; December 7 '08
A genetic link between sleep and type 2 diabetes is described.

American Journal of Orthodontic Dentofacial Orthopaedics;
Rapid maxillary expansion improves nasal breathing.

Polio Quebec,
Post Polio Syndrome occurs approximately 30 years after acute polio illness. Muscles atrophy generally. Specific to Sleep Apnea, the pharyngeal airway weakens and sleep apnea can develop.

Sleep: 2008 Sept 1; 31(9): 1207-13
Heavy snoring is linked to carotid artery atherosclerosis. The authors concluded that heavy snoring significantly increases the risk of carotid artery atherosclerosis and the increase is independent of other risk factors, including measures of nocturnal hypoxia and obstructive sleep apnea severity.